About ADS Creations



to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an


We specialise in the unique, the unusual, the out of the ordinary. Our
company is founded on our basic belief system that everyone is unique
and we care about getting results for you, in whatever your niche of fitness
may be. We applaud and incorporate forward thinking, new ideas and variety
in our training to stand out from the crowd.

Our core beliefs

Achieve – We care about you achieving your goals. Exercise
and fitness related benefits stretch far wider than what we see in the
mirror. It’s also about how we feel about ourselves, our energy levels
and resistance to outside negative influences i.e. stress. We know it
works, and we want to enable you to experience that too.

Develop – life is an evolution. We develop our training
methods to ensure continued results and improvements in your fitness goals
and all areas of life. Evolving the work of art that is you is our aim.

Strengthen – Strength plays a part if every aspect of life,
whether it be physical strength to undertake a task or to protect our
bodies from injury or pain, or inner strength to handle the situations
life throws as us every day and that inner confidence to help us succeed.

If you feel like you need motivation to begin a workout regime, would
like some advice, or maybe you’ve had training before that you
felt adopted a ‘blanket approach’ that wasn’t suited
to your needs – then we want to hear from you!