What’s in a name?

So why ADS Creations? What’s the story behind it? I get asked this a lot, so over the next few blog entries I’m going to delve deeper into my company’s name and the meanings behind it, as it may not be immediately obvious (purposely ;-)).

Anyone who has or has had a company will tell you that one of the hardest things is picking a good name. It’s what defines you and what you’re trying to achieve. The obvious choice initially when working as a Personal Trainer is to just use your own name. For me, I wanted to stand out a little bit and think outside of the box and have a name that made sense, whilst maybe not being immediately clear as to what kind of company it was. That was the easy part. The harder part was thinking of something innovative that had special importance to me.

The ADS part came about simply because it is my nickname. Most people call me Ads or something similar, so it was a perfect fit. I also wanted to use words in the name that defined the kind of message that I am trying to convey, so I decided to have each letter in A D S stand for something. After much brainstorming and deliberation – Achieve, Develop, & Strengthen were chosen as the exact description I was after. I will go into each of these and my reasons behind choosing them in future blog entries. I had the first half but I knew it wasn’t quite there yet.

I represent the idea that we create our reality, in the way that we think, the way that we act and the way that we conduct ourselves. What we are, and our reality – whether it be good or bad, is a result of what we have thought. So by changing our habits, both physically and mentally – we can change our reality.

I created my reality after being at home with a broken collarbone for 4 months. It was over Christmas, which meant more food and more weight gained and I really wasn’t happy with myself. I had no confidence whatsoever, I didn’t like the way I looked and I really had low energy.  Once this way compounded with the realisation that I had no strength left either once the collarbone had healed, I knew I had to make a change. I took the first step and joined my local Gym for the first time ever, and immediately I noticed the change. Firstly it was my energy levels, I suddenly became aware of how much better I felt inside. This was something I was creating and I wanted to develop it. I knew it was a positive step and would totally transform my life as I knew it, in the most positive of ways. Helping others achieve this is what I want to do, so ADS Creations was born.

Our current reality is the result of what we have thought, and therefore – is under our control. Take the first step and let ADS Creations help you create your reality.

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