Achieve: to succeed in finishing something or reaching an aim, especially after a lot of work or effort

In the 2nd blog entry of the ADS Creations series, this entry focuses on the ‘Achieve’ portion of my company name.

As mentioned in my previous Blog entry, when devising the concept of ADS Creations – I wanted to incorporate meaning and background into it. Achieve is a very emotive word for me as I know first hand the sense of achievement when you accomplish a goal, whether it be fitness related or not.

The physical sense of achievement really becomes apparent as we begin to get stronger, run faster, go farther and last longer. There’s a great sense of pride when we accomplish something that we know we couldn’t do before. Whether it be lift more weight, run for longer without having to stop (or run faster) or even just down to standing up straight with better posture. It pushes us to develop further, create and achieve more goals to accomplish.

Knowing where to start can be a tricky thing, we want to do everything at once and get to it quickly. Creating achievable targets and realistic goals is key to ensuring overall and sustained success. As our goals begin to be realised, we can then develop and create new targets and goals.

There’s the physical side in our appearance too. There’s a lot of satisfaction to trying on clothes that all of a sudden are fitting better, or even becoming too big. Or noticing something different in the mirror. When I first started training, I noticed muscles appearing that I never knew I had. This spurred me on to want to do more and train harder.

Through my own experiences I know how good this feels. I devote myself to helping people achieve their goals and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to do so.

Imagine with all your mind, Believe with all your heart, Achieve with all your might”.

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