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I’ve been asked a few questions this week relating to the Slow Carb Diet, i’m going to keep you up to date with what people are asking:

The most popular question i’m getting asked is ‘Is this like the Atkins diet?’

There are some differences between Atkins and Slow Carb. Through my own research i’ve come to find that the Atkins diet is a Ketogenic diet (attempting to force the body to burn more fat for energy instead of carbs), so it cuts out carbs almost entirely, however Slow Carb allows Beans and Lentils for calorific load. Atkins also recommends at least 30mins of exercise daily to try to burn more fat while in ketosis, whereas Slow Carb is designed for you to be able to do it without any exercise if you wish. You also get a chat day in Slow Carb every week to stop your metabolism from slowing down and re-sync your hormones, whereas in Atkins, you don’t.

‘Will you get mood swings from the diet?’

My feeling on this one is no, due to the cheat day each week, but i will certainly find out! This extract from explains it well:

‘Although high-protein diets such as Atkins can help you shed pounds, they can be hard to stick to because they deprive you of serotonin, the brain chemical that makes you feel happy and calm. When serotonin deprivation starts to make you feel grumpy and stressed-out, you are likely to overindulge in the worst kinds of carbohydrates, such as the cookies, doughnuts and white breads that may have made you plump in the first place.’

Read more:


Slow Carb addresses this by including a weekly cheat day, which is meant improve adherence to the diet, but also help stabilise your mood and metabolism. I’ll let you know how it all goes!


‘Why this particular diet?’


I wanted to try it because it would be a challenge for me and not something i would find easy. I also like Tim’s books and respect his work and views. I feel it also gives me a much greater position to be able to advise people of diets and what the possible pitfalls are and what my experiences have been – good and bad.

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