This week so far

It’s been an interesting week thus far with the Slow Carb diet. On Tuesday i got a bit of ‘dodgy stomach’ in the afternoon, which i put down to the amount of raw veg i’m now eating, however this didn’t affect me for the rest of the day, nor since. Yesterday i hit a wall with the beans at lunchtime, i had mackerel with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, beans, lentils, salsa and guacamole. It was lovely, but my body decided to say ‘no’ to the beans and lentils to the point where i couldn’t stomach any more of them. This however had rectified by the evening and today has been no problem at all.

I think the main things i have learned so far have been about forward planning. I had planned to have steak last night, but forgot i had put it in the freezer, so no go on the steak until today (it was delicious by the way, with veg, beans and spinach) and i had the remainder of the chicken i had the previous evening. Cooking lentils in batches saves a lot of time, and i may be a little odd but i actually quite like the beans and lentils combo cold. For breakfast i took a bit of a risk as i needed to take it out with me, early start at 6:30am today, cold scrambled eggs didn’t sound amazing, but i learned earlier this week you can use Tobasco Sauce on this diet, so i had some of that with them and beans, delicious. Tobasco sauce may become your best friend.

Definitely the biggest surprise has been my energy levels. Immediately from day one i haven’t had the mid-afternoon ‘slump’ and for the first time in years i haven’t napped all week. Not because i’m trying to stay awake, i’m just legitimately not tired, so i don’t even think about it. My sleep patterns are also even-ing out too, which i am monitoring using the MotionX Sleep app. I’m going to record the next few nights and then give you the details. I’m looking forward to cheat day and have already started to accumulate some things ;-), but i’m also very interested to see how my energy and sleep levels respond. More on this as it happens, cheat day is Saturday 🙂

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