Week 1 results

The question everyone has been asking is – what’s your weight like now after your cheat day? I wasn’t certain there would be any change, especially after consuming so much on Saturday, but here’s how the last week has stacked up:

Initial weight in 73KG
Weight Saturday (cheat day) morning: 71.2KG
Weight Sunday morning (after consuming 6-7000 calories on cheat day): 74KG
Weight this morning: 72KG

So in essence, in terms of weight on the scales – it is working. So far my results have been exactly as stated in the book. It’s going to be interesting to see how this progresses moving forward, and also the body measurements i took last week will tell a truer story of what is actually going on i.e. am i losing body fat, or muscle mass? For what it’s worth, i’m not losing any strength in my lifts, so only time will tell