Cheat Day 2!

Ahh, so here we are again my old friend. Cheat day is upon us and i have some delectable treats in store 🙂

I took my weight yesterday morning (as cheat day last week was Saturday, so i wanted a direct comparison), my weight was the same as last week – 71.2KG.


Now this is where you might look at that and think pfffffft, all that work in the week, for the same weight as last week. Remember, scales can be extremely misleading. As i said before in a previous post – my strength has been increasing, so it’s very possible i am adding more muscle and my body composition is changing. This is a guess mind you, we will find out soon!

I took my weight again this morning (cheat day 2) and it is now 70.9KG.


The experiment goes on! I am going to continue for 1 more week before finding out the full results of the experiment, mainly due to the weight loss on the scales has been effective so far and i don’t want to drop below 70KG! So let battle commence, lets see how i get on with this little lot today (amongst other things!)


Gladdddiatttttoorrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrreeeeaaaaddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!