Cheat Day 3 – The final chapter in the trilogy

Today is my final cheat day! Firstly i took my weight, and weighed in at my lightest yet – 70.8KG


This week on the whole has been mostly ‘cruise control’ as i feel i have finally settled into a routine, with around 3 meals i rotate, the timings with when i make them and when i can eat them. My energy levels took a dip on Thursday (my late evening to early morning day) but i get nearly 3hrs less sleep that night so i would expect that.

I have a special little something planned for todays cheat day, i’m really going to be testing something called ‘the margin of safety’ (not my physical safety, i’ll be fine! It relates to weight loss and how bad you can be), i’ll come back to you later as my plan unfolds 🙂

Enjoy the sunshine!