The margin of safety

The last 3 weeks have been very interesting, the idea and the science behind The Slow Carb diet all seemed a little too good to be true. The thought of having a cheat day once a week where you can indulge your wildest calorific fantasies and still lose weight seemed like a joke. I understood the reason behind it, i just wasn’t convinced. So each week on my cheat days, i have really pushed the boundaries of how much i can eat. On my first cheat day alone i ate near 7000 calories and still lost weight. As i sit here working my way through my 2nd Dominos Pepperoni Pizza of the day, i’m left thinking it’s worked twice thus far, and if it works after today i think there’s not much else i can do to really push it. Today my whopping grand total is 7300 calories!

Now Tim does mention this in his book, about the importance of spiking calorie intake once a week on cheat day and going bonkers. Could i have reduced the amount of junk i have eaten on each cheat day and lost more weight? Almost certainly. But that’s not what i have been testing. I have been testing the ‘margin of safety’. In other words – how bad can i be and still lose weight? How much can i gorge myself, to the point of not being able to stomach another mouthful for fear of being sick and still lose weight? So far, i have not found that limit. Like i said, if after today i still lose weight, it’ll be hard to refute. Today so far has been the hardest cheat day i’ve had and it’s only 7pm. But the main thing to take from this is that if you do try the diet, you don’t have to go crazy each and every week. You could have 1 cheat day where you eat huge amounts, followed 2 or 3 where you just have a cheat meal for instance on the following weeks. I just wanted to test the limits so you know that no matter how bad you are on your cheat day to not worry about it, if you are following the protocol per instructions, you’ll still lose weight.

Lets wait and see what my final results on Tuesday bring, i have my weight, body fat and body mass tested again to see if there are any changes.