Slow Carb Diet – Conclusions

So i spent 3 weeks on the Slow Carb Diet, 3 weeks then on a less-strict Slow Carb Diet, after all that, what are my conclusions?

Before i went into the diet i was eating a lot of carbs, almost all my meals consisted largely of them. The first thing i really noticed immediately after starting slow carb was the shift in my energy levels. No longer did i need to nap. I didn’t even think about it. Since trying slow carb on a less strict regimen (essentially slow carb with the exception of porridge oats for breakfast) i notice my energy levels are not as high as when i have eggs, spinach and lentils. I gained muscle, lost fat and improved my strength, by doing the same training as i was previously. Since being less strict i have kept the muscle, but gained a little fat too. The cheat days don’t have to be as extreme as i had them, you could have a cheat meal once a week for instance, but you can be safe in the knowledge that i moved as little as i could, ate junk all day until i literally couldn’t eat anymore, and i still lost weight.

Overall i would say it was a very valuable and enlightening experience, it has really brought home the importance of diet, not only on your fitness and weight goals, but also your day to day life. Small changes can make a big difference and i still eat the lunches and dinners every day from slow carb as i really enjoy them. One of my main mantra’s since starting in fitness is being fit an healthy, but living life too. i found sometimes on the diet i felt as though i was being difficult and awkward with my dietary requirements, you don’t have to be 100% all of the time to see huge changes. Live life and enjoy time with your friends and family too. If i were to offer tips on what i learned, pitfalls and advice, the most crucial things would be:

If you don’t want to start dieting by going 100% into it, start small and change breakfast. Try the 30 in 30 rule and have some eggs, spinach and lentils. If that works then you can add more changes in as you go.

Create stakes. Tell people you’re doing it and this will keep you to the diet. Its harder to stick to if you’ve not got stakes involved.

Little slips are fine, if you can’t get slow carb on a menu in a restaurant try the closest you can get and don’t beat yourself up about it. Don’t give up.

Spices and seasonings are your friend. Sauces that have no sugar are also good. Beans and lentils on their own can be really dull, add in jalepenos and guacamole and you’ve got a tasty little dish.

Planning ahead is vital. Pre cook meat and lentils to have things ready when you’re short on time.

Carrots. I love them.

Tinned Mackerel. I love it.

Make notes of things you get cravings for in the week and have them on your cheat day.

Don’t buy things in the week to keep for cheat day. The temptation will be to eat it before your cheat day.

Don’t view weight on the scales as the be-all and end-all, especially if you are gym training too, there’s a lot of body composition changes going on. Also don’t be scared when your weight goes up after cheat day! It returns to normal after 48hrs.

Always remember to check with your doctor first, and enjoy!