All kitted out!


I’m ready to rock and roll for the marathon, having received my vest and sweatshirt, a big thank you to @shirtysomething for printing my name onto my vest 🙂 I shall be wearing it with pride come April 26th.

My runs lately have improved, as has my mobility. I ran 12k a couple of weeks ago and my calf twinged a little right at the end so i laid off it for a while, but then last week i went back to 7.5k and completed that in much stronger form than i had done it before so this weekend i’m going back up to the longer distance. I’m finding that i really enjoy going out for the weekly long run and i liken it to the reset button each week and can have a lot of thinking time whilst out and about. Having said that, its been sunny for all my runs so far so we’ll see how i begin to fare when the weather turns (its raining here today).

I can’t say enough good things about myofascial release and it is making a huge difference to how i recover and move after. More on this in a future post.