Romsey Advertiser Article

Romsey Advertiser 270215

Today i was caught unawares of a lovely article appearing in the Romsey Advertiser 🙂 I had some photos taken at the Rapids and they put together a press release for the article you see above. It was a really nice article that has raised the awareness of the marathon and my challenge, so i decided to ‘celebrate’ with a mammoth 20mile run/walk. A bit of a jump from my previous 13miles run, but i decided to walk the hills.

I’m pleased to say  i completed it, but it was very tough at around the 17mile mark. I think the walking was making my tighten up a bit so starting running again each time became harder and harder (the route i went on is also quite hilly). I had a great tip from a friend about taking jelly babies with me and having one every mile, this massively helped and gives you something to focus on and look forward to! I completed the 20miles in 3hrs36mins, which was actually better than i thought it might be, so next time i plan on attempting to run the whole thing, then 2 weeks before the marathon trying a 26mile run/walk. I feel i’m recovering well, i was feeling stiff and sore for 2 days but was back training in the gym 3 days later. The marathon is creeping up fast so not too many more long runs to go now!