Disaster strikes!

So, the running has been going fantastically well. I’ve been very pleased, completing 18 miles recently and only feeling a bit sore in the knees with no other problems. That was, until yesterday. I set out for my longest run yet – 22 miles and decided to go my usual route in reverse to mix things up. I noticed very quickly that this meant the wind was in my face the whole way which didn’t help, however i persevered.

At around the 11 mile mark i landed awkwardly on my foot and the inside of my foot began to hurt. I decided to keep going and hoped the pain would subside. Unfortunately i must have been compensating, as then the other foot started hurting, then the knees began to also go. At just over the 13 mile mark i decided i had to stop as i could feel my knees getting puffier and puffier. I managed to walk a few more miles before getting picked up but this really did set me back as i am still hurting now. The knee pain is reminiscent of the problems i’ve had with my ITB’s in the past and now i’ve got to reassess how i’m going to get ready for the marathon, with just under a month to go. I think a focus on flexibility and rehab is the way forward for now and i’ll see how i get on.