The road of rehab

The last few weeks have been quite frustrating, in that it’s been a tough decision but i decided to call it a day on the training runs. I know from previous experience that my knees just get worse if i try to keep running through the ITB problem, it used to be down to technique but this time i think it was brought on after an awkward landing on my last run. I’ve cleaned up my technique a lot (although it’s probably still not perfect) so now my focus is on other areas of keeping me fit (classes and other pieces of equipment) as i haven’t felt the fitness side of things to be a problem, it’s the body that’s the issue, so i’m working on loosening up and trying to let the knees recover. I’m going to get taped up for the day as a precautionary measure, because my confidence also took a knock on that last run and my fear now is that i’ll get a few miles in and my knees will completely lock up so i’m trying all that i can to ensure that doesn’t happen.

The pain balls, barbells, resistance bands and floss bands are my friends! Here’s hoping it all works!