Entering the final week

Thank you so much to everyone who has been donating, it’s all been really picking up lately and i’ll be announcing the winner of my competition later.

As i enter the final week before the marathon, i’ve had the ‘genius’ idea that i’m going to take my GoPro camera around with me and film at various stages of the run. My thinking is that it’ll give me something to focus on if my knees start to break down on me and help keep me on a comfortable pace.

I was originally looking to try and complete the marathon in under 4hrs, however now i’m just looking to make it round. My feet and knees and a lot better, the right knee is still a little tweaky but i’ve done a couple of short treadmill runs which felt fine. I’m not pushing it though and i’m just going to have to find out on the day what it has in store for me.

It’s all starting to set in now. T minus 8 days :-s