Slow Carb Diet


The Slow Carb Diet experiment!

I get asked about diets all the time – do they work? The general concensus on diets, or ‘fad’ diets is that you become ‘skinny fat’ i.e. you lose muscle mass as opposed to fat loss, then your weight goes back up after stopping the diet.

I heard about the Slow Carb diet recently through my own research and it ‘appears’ to be much more than a so-called ‘fad’ diet, it’s been popularized by Tim Ferriss in his books ‘The 4 Hour Body’ and ‘The 4 Hour Chef’, and it is clear he has done a huge amount of research, case studies and self experimentation. So while i don’t plan on keeping to the diet forever, i am interested to see what effects it has so i can then pass on this experience and advice to others. I should also state that i do not know Tim, nor have i ever been in contact with him, i just like his work.

I like to experiment, i like to try things and form my own opinions them – so here we are! Over the course of the next few weeks i will be documenting my experiences on my Blog, everything from the meals, how i feel, my sleep patterns, the results, and after the diet has finished. I’ll then collate all that information onto this page. Take a look at the following videos for all you need to know. *Please note – consult your doctor before making any dietary changes if you try anything yourself*:


The Rules

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