Adam’s journey to becoming an Elite Personal Trainer all started many years ago with a setback of a broken collarbone.

In his own words:

“I quite literally fell into the Fitness Industry. I had been involved heavily in the Streetboarding industry for several years and was extremely fortunate to travel to contests throughout the UK, USA and Europe.

I had suffered a few injuries that put me out of action for months at a time, which meant my weight ballooned up and down quite regularly. I was very unhappy with how I felt and looked, so I decided to make a change on my own. In the beginning I didn’t know too much about exercise or nutrition and just guessed at what I should do, and continued competing. The results were minimal. After a few more years my size had changed somewhat, but once again another injury stopped me in my tracks. This time I had broken my collarbone and had 4 months out over Christmas, which meant my weight went back up.

I knew this time I had to make the right change and decided to go to my local gym for the first time. The staff at the gym were extremely friendly and helpful and even though I found it daunting at first, I began to really enjoy it.

I knew that this was what I wanted to do for a living after my first week – the feeling I felt inside was incredible – I had so much more energy and I felt far more confident. At that moment I made the decision that if I had the opportunity to enable other people to feel like this then I would be an extremely happy man.”

In 2007, Adam made the transition from competing in Streetboard contests to being chosen in the selection process, and then completing, the 8-week intensive Training Room Personal Training course – reaching TTRPT Accredited Elite Personal Trainer status (the top 3% of nationwide applicants reached this stage).

Adam then worked full time at his local gym for many years where he first started as a customer himself, as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, GP Referral & Pre & Post Natal Exercise Consultant and Pilates Certified Instructor teaching 6 Pilates Classes a week in their exercise studios, before venturing into doing more freelance work.

 He is now working purely on a freelance basis running Pilates classes around the Romsey & Winchester areas and Personal Training sessions at his private Gym (StartStrong Gym) in Romsey, all the while continually improving his personal development by studying on new courses each year.

Since being at his heaviest and not being able to jog for more than 5 minutes without having to stop coughing and wheezing, he has lost 10 inches off his middle and is running 5km in less than 19mins and 5miles in under 30mins, amongst many other achievements. In 2015 he also completed the London Marathon.

“The journey has been life changing and hugely rewarding. I don’t regret the problems I had with my weight in the past as it gives me a much greater understanding and appreciation for what people are going through, but most importantly I know that through applying the correct exercise and nutrition principles that amazing results can be achieved – and are sustainable.”

The journey is never over….