Private Gym


Welcome to StartStrong Gym! Our private facility is the result of 12 years hard work and we couldn’t be any prouder to be able to bring private 1-to-1 Personal Training and Pilates sessions to you.

We are now based within Hunts Farm in Timsbury, near Romsey. Our gym has been designed with space saving in mind, we believe in getting you to use your body so the space is not too cramped with machines. We currently have an Assault Air Runner Treadmill, an Airdyne Bike, a Rower, portable Squat/Bench Press rack, Cable Crossover machine, a track of turf for Prowler Sled work, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, TRX, along with plenty of other pieces of smaller equipment and mobility tools. This is our starting point and we plan to be adding new equipment over time.

Please note that we run by appointment only and are not a commercial gym. If training in a commercial gym seems daunting or makes you feel self-conscious then feel free to contact us to have a FREE consultation and to view our private facility.

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Gym Location

Unit D4, Hunts Farm, Rudd Lane, Upper Timsbury, Romsey, Hampshire. SO51 0NU

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