StartStrong Sessions on-demand!

Welcome to Adam’s brand new on-demand platform, hosted on Patreon. Here you can gain access to pre-recorded full Pilates classes, full workouts for the gym, home & outdoors and in-depth exercise tutorials that take you behind an exercise to discuss the technique, positioning and reasoning as to why we use it.

This service will be continuing to grow and is available to you at any time, anywhere. Take a look at Adam’s Patreon page for all the information and to get subscribed!

What people are saying

The online service is fantastic – I am doing it regularly and love the videos. They vary and I will sometimes do a flexibility class, another day a strength class. Adam, thanks for putting new and challenging classes onto the on-demand service. I recommend it – my daughter who lives in Dorset has become a patron too.J Milligan

I am loving the classes on Patreon – little V and I do them together 3 mornings a week…I chuckle every time at your ‘four more….each side!’“ – S Berington