Personal Training

“I have found the sessions invaluable in inspiring me to do more exercise, especially cardiovascular and I feel much more confident using the gym. I also really enjoyed the sessions; you pushed us hard enough to feel challenged but not too hard to stop us coming back for more!  Thank you very much.” – K Snow

I’ve been working with Adam for about a year now. My fitness levels have increased and I’ve lost inches from all the right places, despite only having one session a week with Adam and managing another two sessions myself. Adam’s sessions are challenging but enjoyable – we work hard but manage to laugh at the same time! I have recommended him to friends as he is great to work with and gets results. I’m a 37 year old mum and have found an exercise solution that works for me. He’s a great motivator but, importantly, so easy to work with.– M Smout

“I contacted Adam after a very indulgent holiday and after my children commented on how wobbly my arms were looking so all I wanted to achieve was less wobbly arms and tummy! Adam made me feel very confident in our first meeting and the trial session was a lot of fun.  I initially booked 10 sessions and then a second 10 sessions.

Adam makes every session a lot of fun, I never felt I was doing something that I couldn’t realistically achieve and Adam is fantastic at watching your form and listening to how you feel as you go through a set of exercises, adjusting techniques or weights.  He is so good at motivating you in PT sessions and encourages you to reach goals you might not have thought possible. He is very funny and not deadly serious about fitness which I feel is very important.  He has a way of explaining techniques that is incredibly easy to understand which is great if you don’t have much experience in a gym or training environment.
What I gained from the sessions wasn’t just better toned arms and tummy but also a lot more all over strength which made my running more successful and my clothes fit better.  Adam gave me a gym routine to do myself and a year on from my first sessions, I feel just as fit and just as motivated.

I have seen other personal trainers before Adam, but he is by far the best.  I would highly recommend his training sessions.” – V Fraher


I approached Adam back in Autumn 2014 about Personal Training. I already knew him from Pilates, so knew what I was letting myself in for….. kidding! He is a lovely man, kind, generous, chatty and funny.
The aim was to get fit and find myself again, having been burgled a few months prior to approaching Adam. I am usually quite outgoing, but the stuffing had been knocked out of me.
So we set off on a trial lesson, a bit of chatting, a little go in the gym. Now this is the bit that worries us most, going into the gym, with all the gym bunnies, they’ll be looking at me, etc, etc. Well, worry not. I think the only time they look at me is when I am laughing; that happens a lot with Adam.
So the trial went well and I signed up for a 10-week course. The course went well, Adam is encouraging, gently pushing you, never asking you to do something outside of your capabilities. Before I knew it, those 10 weeks were over.
So of course, I book another course, and another, and another. It’s just over a year now, and I still enjoy it. Although sometimes the aches and pains in the following days make you curse him. How we laugh, struggling to sit down, put socks on, etc. All “complaints” received with a very cheery “you’re welcome”.
Our sessions consist of a warm-up, Adam chats whilst I am doing this, so you don’t really realise what you are doing. This is followed by various exercises on the mat; arms, legs, bums and tums. Usually different every session. He is quite sneaky is upping the speed of the cross trainer or rower, increasing the weights, then telling you afterwards! Some exercises are done in sets, but with timings in-between, usually discussing recipes, dogs, weekends, and any gossip!
I have been very fortunate to have a couple of holidays this year. The first in May, just relaxing. The second in August my husband couldn’t believe that I was drinking so much water, walking up and down the 200+ stairs from hotel to the beach, swimming in the sea every day. All of these things I put down to the ongoing fitness improvement I have gained from Adam. Our last holiday in October was in the Lake District, and again, my husband could not believe how well I was walking. All credit to Adam.
If you’re thinking about working with a Personal Trainer, who is kind, considerate, funny, chatty and who will make a difference to your fitness, then I would highly recommend Adam.

A personal trainer whose lots of fun
I need to help me trim down my bum
My legs, tum and arms also need help
Who shall I contact I hear myself yelp

There’s only one person for this task
Like a superhero but without the mask
Adam Walder, the Pilates master
He’ll get you fitter, trimmer and faster

There’s no one else who I would recommend
A personal trainer whose becomes your friend
He’ll tailor your sessions especially for you
From the top of the head down to your gym shoe

Cardio, Pilates, weights, the fit ball
Adam will tailor an individual workout for all
Funny, chatty, generous and kind
A better P.T. you will struggle to find

– D Hunt

The session was fantastic! So many great practical ideas for stretching and toning all backed up with superb knowledge! ‪#‎EngagingMyCoreAsIType‬– E Slade

One of the best fitness sessions i have had in a long time today, cheers mate. Get involved people!– J Cox


I’ve learned a huge amount and had a lot of laughs (although probably due to hysteria). Adam has such a special quality, that I’ve not experienced before in an exercise class, with wonderful enthusiasm and encouragement– L Woodrow

“I’ve done Pilates with Adam for a few years and I love his classes. I recently went on holiday and made the mistake of trying a Pilates class there with a different instructor. I really hurt my back in that session. Adam is the best, Adam looks after us! I won’t go anywhere else again!” – L Edmonds

“Clear, concise instructions, calm in manner but with a great sense of humour. Assesses each persons ability to do an exercise and suggests alternatives. Does not ‘make an example’ or pick on those who cannot do an exercise but is encouraging. Varies exercises weekly, good variety & targets different muscles/body parts. Considers all ages and abilities.” – D Bedford

“The Pilates class is outstanding – Adam is an excellent teacher.” – E Hannan

“Best Pilates teacher ever” – T Hall

“Adam is always varying exercises. He is very helpful, which makes it enjoyable. If you need help he helps. If you need alternatives he will give you one. He is very likeable and polite and makes it worth attending the class each week. I feel the exercise is doing me good.” – S Hooper

“Brilliant class, I feel personal benefits not just in class but also in between. Adam is a very impressive tutor” – N Bryant

“I have really enjoyed the Pilates Course. Adam is a very good tutor. I like the extension & development options. Thank you :-)” – C Evans

“A great course, particularly the fact that you can work to your own level” – N Turner


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