Slow Carb Diet

Cheat Day!

So cheat day has come and gone, it was a very interesting experience. Interesting on many levels. Firstly, it was time to hop on the scales for the first time since i started the diet a few days ago, remember i began at 73KG. On the morning of cheat day,…

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A little deviation to cap off the first week

The last week has been very interesting. As I’ve stated before, my energy levels have been very even all week, and I’ve not napped once, I’ve not needed to. I had a headache yesterday, but I can’t definitely attribute that to the diet as due to work constraints I had…

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Questions So Far

I’ve been asked a few questions this week relating to the Slow Carb Diet, i’m going to keep you up to date with what people are asking: The most popular question i’m getting asked is ‘Is this like the Atkins diet?’ There are some differences between Atkins and Slow Carb….

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This week so far

It’s been an interesting week thus far with the Slow Carb diet. On Tuesday i got a bit of ‘dodgy stomach’ in the afternoon, which i put down to the amount of raw veg i’m now eating, however this didn’t affect me for the rest of the day, nor since….

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The Slow Carb Diet – Day 1

Day 1.   Today was my first experience of the slow carb diet, I think as with all changes in life whether they are dietary or anything else – there’s always going to be teething problems. For me today, it was a case of time and also trying to prepare…

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